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This science based approach to elite performance removes frustration, confusion and uncertainty. When everything you’ve tried is not working, see the simplicity of “fit” that you’re been missing.

Feeling like your previous success has abandoned you?

All high performers go through phases of self-doubt when success leaves them. They question, what’s gone wrong and wonder how’ll they’ll find their way back. They work harder and seek advice, eventually realising the answer is not there. What they didn’t know is the role “fit” plays with repeatable success.

Let’s start now before you lose more time and opportunities.

What Makes Warren Kennaugh So Different

I am passionate about uncovering why some people are successful and others are not. My understanding of the aloneness and uncertainty of elite success comes from having worked with over 4000 professionals in corporate and sporting worlds. From publicly listed companies, start-ups to world teams and individual champions, I get what makes the talented tick and use science to back it up.

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You know you’ve worked hard and had success but that seems some time ago. You’re uncertain when success will be back, or, if it will be back at all. You’re feeling the pressure of others who are expecting a lot from you, you’re expecting a lot from yourself but you’re trapped on a treadmill not going anywhere. Frustrated and disappointed, you’re now worried that one of the best moments of your career is creating your worst.

All this makes you second guess your confidence, creates feelings of inferiority, uncertainty and self-doubt. You question whether your success was real and if you still fit with what you’re doing. You’re feeling like a fraud and wondering what others are thinking and saying about you.

I know when success leaves you work even harder, trying different approaches, seeking advice but still you feel alone and confused with success even further away. There is a way back to be great again.

I’ll work with you using proven methods to build a comeback plan that makes you great again.

Don’t you deserve to find your way back and leave a mark which others will want to follow?