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The science based approach to elite performance. Understand how high performance happens and how some people always seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Opportunities are not lost, someone as good as you takes them.

It can be highly frustrating working all your life to finally see a big opportunity slip away. Not due to a lack of talent but because there’s some x-factor that appears to be missing. Don’t let your next opportunity slip away as it may not come again.

What Makes Warren Kennaugh So Different

Often talented people work really hard but don’t seem to make it to the level which they know they can achieve. They seem to get close and trip at the last hurdle, or get their big opportunity but misfire when it matters most. Warren Kennaugh helps talented individuals to identify the science based “x-factor” which can see them become elite.

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We know that you’ve worked hard, given endless hours to become as good as what you are, not many people understand the sacrifices you’ve had to make and when the big opportunity comes how ready you have to be. Warren and his team have worked with over 4000 elite professions in the corporate and sporting world, from publicly listed companies, multi-nationals to world levels of team and individual sports, we know what makes the talented tick and have the research and science to back it up.

We work with those who already have the talent but have unfinished business, those who want to turn over all the rocks and do what it takes to be elite in their field. From working with Warren and his team you’ll gain a very clear sense about; the best way to approach your big opportunity, what thinking and behaviours are limiting what you can achieve, a simple targeted plan to enable you to push the boundaries to your limit.

Doesn’t your profession deserve a great role model, someone to leave the legacy which others want to follow?