If You’re on The Short List, It’s Too Late

Until recent times, you just needed to be good at your job to get promoted. Today that skill gets you on the radar but no further. Other elements such as; do we like you, will others follow you, what does it say about our business if we promote you, how much potential do you have…

Earning The Right To Lead Others

I’m sorry to say your team today won’t follow you just because you are their boss; authority alone won’t earn you any long term right for others to follow you. Today, we are in a world where the team can sack the coach (leader). They can subtly withdraw, “go on strike” and fail to fire…

The Truth About Incentives

Imagine the scene - you’re in a meeting discussing how to get better performance from your workgroup, sports team or employees…. AGAIN. You’ve tried recruiting over priced ‘talent’ and you’ve invested in training interventions but both are expensive and neither lives up to the promise. What about incentives? Some funky innovation fund or new structured...

The Dark Side of Optimism

For many years we have been hearing how optimistic people are more successful than pessimists. Research has shown that they live longer, are more content and are better employees. This has borne a wave of Happiness Indexes, Strengths Based Approaches and Positive Psychology, all of which are incredibly valuable approaches to assessing and developing people….

Sacked Doorman – UPDATE

Last week I wrote a post on what we could learn from being too nice and how it could impact our relationships and performance. The story was focused around Ralph Body who was a doorman at an exclusive New York apartment block. He was sacked for being too nice to the tenants in his block….